German studio Novitec has presented a new version of the body kit N-Largo, designed for the Italian supercar Lamborghini Huracan. Tuners installed another front bumper with new air intakes, vented front fenders and a rear bumper with integrated diffuser. Some elements of the underweight are made of carbon. Replacement is undergone and individual body panels, while the wheel arches have been significantly expanded – now they adorn the 20- and 21-inch wheels front and rear, respectively. After installing the body kit Italian supercar has become almost 12 cm wider than the original model, and its appearance has turned aggressive. In addition, the Novitec offers to modify the interior of Huracan and modify the exhaust system. The customer can order the release of the ultralight Inconel, similar to those used in Formula 1 race cars. As part of the art boost tuners ready 5.2-liter V10 from source 610 to 860 horsepower, however, the dynamic characteristics of the model with the returns are not called. Order N-Largo package can be both coupe Huracan and for the Spyder version. Only 11 of these skirts, information on the cost of the set is not to be built.