The Liberty Walk company designed for supercar Lamborghini Aventador two full body kit, which include the installation of a new bumper, extended wheel arches, massive rear wing and diffuser otherwise. The first kit is made of carbon fiber, and the second – from GRP. The total value of body kit of carbon fiber reaches 36 900 dollars and kit of fiberglass is $ 35 900. The Japanese company is also set to offer other advanced supercar arches and full carbon rear wing, and then the cost of both packages will be in the region of 46 500 dollars. As a final touch experts Liberty Walk can additionally change the design of the front lamps ($ 1 200), underestimate the clearance ($ 3780) and install air suspension ($ 9500). With regard to the technical stuffing, its Japanese tuners touch did not, therefore, set in motion a Lamborghini Aventador leading standard 6.5-liter V12, developing 700 hp and 690 Nm.