In March 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show, the premiere of the conceptual electric car Aston Martin Lagonda Vision was held, designed to demonstrate a new direction of the design of the British brand, which serial models will receive by 2021. The Lagonda Vision concept has a swift, drop-shaped silhouette, but the main feature of the model is the roof sections that lift upwards, which should facilitate the landing on the rear row. The front seats in the cabin are installed on special levers, and not on the traditional sled. This solution allowed to win a bit of free space for passengers’ feet. The interior of the prototype is finished with carbon fiber, ceramics, cashmere, wool, and silk. Passengers are provided with a secure connection to connect to the network. There is practically no information on the technical stuffing of the Lagonda Vision Concept. It is only known that electric motors draw energy from a set of solid-state batteries, while the power reserve is declared at a level of 640 km. The electric car is equipped with a four-wheel drive system with the ability to control the torque on each of the wheels. Replenish the stock of batteries can be both sockets, and using the system of wireless charging. Aston Martin Lagonda Vision has an autopilot of the fourth level of autonomy, with the activation of which the front seats can be deployed 180 degrees, which will allow passengers to use the services of a concierge service.