Recall that the sedan will start production in Togliatti September 25, 2015, so the VAZ appearance of the Lada Vesta hatchback can be expected at the end of 2016, and its sales – at the beginning of 2017
The most interesting is that the design for the new Lada Vesta Hatchback is ready, journalists have shown a full sized mock-up model in February 2015, but to photograph it then strictly forbidden, so that the official photo of Vesta hatchback yet. The vehicle can be described in words – the main differences between Lada hatchback Vesta are in the shortened rear overhang, a sloping roof with a spoiler and totally original lamps. But the front, of course, will be the same as in the sedan. From the latter, and probably borrow all the technical stuffing. This means that as of engines for Lada Vesta hatchback will be available in three 1.6-liter gasoline engine. The base 87-hp version, with a more powerful impact in the 106 hp and a top engine of the alliance Renault-Nissan, which develops 114 forces.
As for the cost, the unstable financial situation, it is now exactly one voice can not. We can assume that the price of Lada Vesta hatchback from Mercedes will not be much different from the price tag on the sedan, and the last promise to ask $14,600 – $16,400. Moreover, Lada Vesta is already in the database will receive a wide range of standard equipment, so that even in the initial configuration it will not “naked” car.