Lada Vesta Sport: heated Vesta for 145 forces

In July, two thousand and eighteenth AvtoVAZ declassified the serial version of the sedan Lada Vesta Sport, which outside almost exactly repeats the eponymous concept, shown two years ago. What then did engineers do for so long?

Unfortunately, we are preparing new models for an extremely long time – the premiere of the four-door ready for release will take place at the Moscow Motor Show 2018 at the end of August, but the basic information about the car, except for the price, became known right now. The company says that the machine received 205 different elements from the original version.

As part of the design, the new Lada Vesta Sport 2018-2019 was already well-known, as the photos of its pre-series version had long been seen. For the car, an air bag was developed, the details of which were blown in the wind tunnel, which allowed to reduce the level of lift from 33 to 7.8 kg on the front axle and from 22.2 to 11.6 kg on the rear.

The manufacturer still has not shown any pictures of the sedan saloon, but it is expected that there are side-mounted seats inside, red scales on the instrument panel, and special accents. But what features can be noted from the outside:

◦ Completely new front bumper with a different form of X-shaped inserts
◦Other rear bumper with imitation of ventilation slots on the sides
◦Plastic lining on thresholds and a small spoiler on the trunk lid
◦ Diffuser in the rear bumper with fog lamp in the center
◦Pair outlet nozzles
◦ Red accents on bumpers and stickers with the inscription “Sport” on the doors
◦Optional stickers on the sidewalls emphasizing the X-shaped punches
◦17-inch original wheels
◦Black body mirrors

It turned out not so little, and most importantly – it looks very worthy, so that external changes unequivocally went to the car for good. By the way, the wheels here are fastened to five studs, and not to four, as on the usual Vesta, as the hubs were borrowed from Renault Megane.


Under the hood of Vesta Sport is an upgraded 1.8-liter atmospheric engine, the power of which was increased from 122 to 145 hp, and the maximum torque increased from 170 to 187 Nm. The engine meets the environmental standards of “Euro-5”, and in the future can be brought to the sixth category.

It is combined with a 5-speed manual transmission from the Renault model, equipped with a cable switching mechanism. From 0 to 100 km / h the car can accelerate in 9.6 seconds (-0.6 sec), and the top speed reaches 198 km / h against 186 on a standard sedan with a 1.8 engine.

Among other technical features of Lada Vesta Sport are the following:
◦ 16 mm ground clearance – up to 162 millimeters
ContiSportContact 5
◦ Reinforced brakes with larger discs, enlarged pistons and brake pads
◦Reparated suspension with new springs and shock absorbers
◦The 35 mm wider track in front (up to 1,545) and 15 at the rear (up to 1,525)
◦Repeated steering kinematics due to changes in the welding of the steering arm to the racks
◦Use of heavy-duty swivel fists

Increase the return of the engine was achieved through the installation of new camshafts with a modified profile (increased camshafts), increasing the pressure in the fuel system, reconfiguring the valve timing adjustment system, installing a new outlet with two nozzles and increased pipe diameter, improving cooling, and flashing the “brains”