The new Lada Granta 2016, prices and equipment

The official presentation of the new budget Lada Granta sedan (VAZ 2190) was held on 11 May 2011 in the framework of the Congress of the Union of Mechanical Engineers. The event was invited by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who had the honor of the first to test the car on track. Alas, no incidents have not happened. Not knowing that the grant is an electronic accelerator pedal, the so-called “e-gas”, Putin was able to start the car only at the fifth attempt.

Configuration and price of Lada Granta 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.6 (82 hp) Standard MT $11,200 1.6 petrol (82 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 (87 hp) MT Norma $11,400 1.6 petrol (87 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 (106 hp) Norm AMT $12,100 1.6 petrol (106 hp) Automatic (5) front
1.6 (106 hp) Norm AT $12,700 1.6 petrol (106 hp) Automatic (4) front
1.6 (98 hp) MT Suite $13,000 1.6 petrol (98 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 (106 hp) MT Suite $13,200 1.6 petrol (106 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 (106 hp) Suite AMT $13,700 1.6 petrol (106 hp) Automatic (5) front

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In total, there are three new items to complete. The top version of “Suite” will cost from $13,700. Intermediate version of “Norma” will cost $11,400. Later, Grant was expected by “Lux +” (this is the machine silver photograph), which will vary not only by the presence of all possible options, but the most powerful engine of Renault and automatic transmission the Japanese firm Jatco. When the Grant “Lux +” and how much it will cost, is still questionable.
Recall that the Lada Granta sedan built on the basis of Kalina, who has withdrawn from production, so as not to create internal competition. Unlike Kalina, the new Lada Granta has received other registration of the front and rear, as well as an enlarged luggage compartment, whose volume rose to 500 liters. As noted by Vladimir Vladimirovich, “two bags of potatoes will fit without problems.”
On the design of new products for a long time does not make sense to say, most of it was not to the taste. Especially looks shabby car in the base version “Standard” with unpainted bumpers and 13-inch “punching”. But it’s still a budget car for little money, so for him the beauty is not in the first place.
Many wonder, thereby reduced the value of Lada Granta, because for the same Kalina sedan asking for tens of thousands of rubles more. AvtoVAZ says that the price of Grants reduced by reducing the number of the car used in the construction details. For example, the bumper Kalina consists of nine parts, bumper Grants – three. The front panel contains 52 parts Kalina, and the novelty of 32, etc. A reduction in the number of parts in the rear lights has made them cheaper when replacing light bulbs to change, and so they will be much faster and easier.
Buy Lada Granta is possible from December this year, however, the first cars will go to those who pre-order via the Internet. Part of the sedans will be available for sale, but they appeared en masse at dealers in the spring of 2012. So far, the best option seems grade “Norma” and drive in the version “Standard” as Vladimir Putin said, “good to go to the country.”
For the first time the car was produced in the sedan, but since 2013 has put on the conveyor AvtoVAZ Grant in the back of a five-door liftbek . In addition, there is also a sports version Lada Granta Sport with a more powerful engine and aerodynamic.

Updated Lada Granta 2016.

At a closed event for dealers held a presentation of the updated sedan Lada Granta 2016, which premiered to the public was held at the Motor Show Moskow 2014. As expected, the car was slightly retouched appearance, made in the style of the five-door Grants liftbek. In addition, the list of equipment models will cruise control and a new on-board computer. But technically, most likely, the car will remain unchanged. Production of the sedan version restyled Lada Granta started in September 2015.




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