CEO Koenigsegg Christian von Koenigsegg said that Swedish supercar manufacturer has started to develop a new 1.6-liter turbo engine that will develop at least 400 hp. Development of the new unit is conducted in cooperation with the Chinese company Qoros, and at the moment the engine exists only as a prototype. According to the Koenigsegg, 1.6-liter engines employ technology from the more voluminous units Agera and Koenigsegg Regera supercars. So, Christian von Koenigsegg said that, by reducing the piston diameter and increase the length of their course in the company expects to reduce the heat loss of the engine. The Swedes also plan to use the forged pistons and connecting rods, as well as high-quality valves, which would make the most efficient engine. “In the new engine we use a lot of expensive components, but in the case of serial production of the engine will be significantly lower price”, – said Keninsegg background. In addition, to maximize the performance of the unit Swedish manufacturer plans to use the technology they owned firms FreeValve. This is the unusual engine design, in which the throttle, the camshaft and the corresponding attachments replaced with a hydraulic actuator system and pneumatic lock on the electronic control. This technology has been used in the prior art internal combustion engine, developed by the company and FreeValve Qoros . This technology allows incredible accuracy control opening and closing of the valves independently throughout the combustion cycle. Motors with this structure will be lighter, compact, powerful and cost-effective (compared to standard internal combustion engines).