The Kia announced the appearance in its range of a new compact crossover. His prototype Koreans will be shown at the showroom in Delhi, India, which means that it is an affordable model for emerging markets.

The concept was named SP Concept and in Kia emphasize that this model is created specifically for the Indian market. On the one hand, this is logical: last year more than 3 million cars were sold in this country and only India has been showing growth in sales of new cars from all BRICS countries. On the other hand, Kia clearly has much to say about it: the company is also represented in other emerging markets, including China, and there such a machine will come in handy.

On the appearance of the concept for the first teasers, it is still difficult to say anything concrete, but the car will have a front end, decided in the spirit of the latest models of the Kia with the original radiator grille “tiger’s smile”, narrow LED headlights and an inviting hood. But in the profile, the car looks much more relaxed: a rising window line, a two-colored roof, and small luggage windows. Behind the concept of narrow LED lights, which, contrary to the trend on the latest models of Kia are not connected by a red strip.

Will there be such a crossover in the future? Perhaps not, if Hyundai does not want to cannibalize the model range because the car will become a direct competitor to Hyundai Creta. On the other hand, it can be positioned as a machine for a younger audience (as it was with Rio and Solaris).