The KIA company has developed a new eight-speed automatic transmission

Sedan Kia Cadenza 2 generation was the first model of the South Korean brand, which received a new eight-speed automatic transmission. Representatives of Kia note that this transmission is specially designed for front-wheel models, and its creation began in 2012. During the development of the various transmission 143 patent has been registered. South Korean experts managed to facilitate the design of automatic, so that it was 3.5 kg lighter than the previous six-speed automatic. In addition, the new box is more economical and less noisy and vibrates during operation. Eight automatic by KIA was easy valve block, the number of which has been reduced from 20 to 12 – it’s possible to increase the switching speed. In addition, this automatic transmission is equipped with a “most compact oil pump from those used in transmissions of this class”. While the automatic transmission is equipped with an eight-new Kia cadenza only with 3.3-liter gasoline engine V8, which reaches a capacity of 290 hp In the future, the Koreans are planning to use transmission, and other mid-size and full-size models with front-wheel drive.


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