In 2017, Mazda will perform in the American endurance racing prototype on the new RT24-P. Being built on the chassis of Riley Mk, sportprototip Mazda RT24-P is made in the style of KODO, which the Japanese use when developing their road models.

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In particular, the car received a front air intake, the shape of which is similar to the shape of the air intakes Mazda series. The movement Mazda RT24-P Prototype brings a 2.0-liter turbo MZ-2.0T, which develops 600 hp In 2016, the Japanese used this machine, developed in conjunction with specialists Advanced Engine Recearch, racing car IMSA championship. The dynamic characteristics of the model are not specified. In 2017, Mazda will declare two prototypes RT24-P in the endurance race, with the machine maintenance will be entrusted to the American team SpeedSource Race Engineering.

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