Jaguar has unveiled the first copy of the restored model XKSS 1957 onwards, which is positioned “the world’s first supercar”. The development of the modern version of the classic roadster engaged unit Jaguar Classic. It is reported that British experts focused on surviving the ’50s of the last century drawings, trying to recreate as closely as possible the design of the original model. For example, the body resurrected Jaguar roadster XKSS produced from magnesium alloy. To enhance the safety and comfort of Jaguar experts still had to make some changes in the design of the machine. Thus, the fuel tank reborn supercar manufactured from modern materials, making it suitable for the use of this fuel quality. The movement causes Jaguar XKSS original 3.4-liter V6 engine, which has a new cylinder head and three Weber carburetor firm. The return of the upgraded power unit was 260 hp The British company stressed that to prepare for the release of a modern version of the classic roadster they took 18 months, with the assembly of a machine must be not less than 10 000 man-hours, as all works are carried out manually. Jaguar has released only 10 copies of the revived XKSS as low as one and a half million dollars for the car. The first customers will receive the ordered vehicles in early 2017. Note that this model is the road version of racing Jaguar D-Type, and the original has sold 16 pieces of 25 – the remaining machines destroyed by fire.

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