Jaguar has chosen the New York Auto Show in 2017 as a venue for the premiere of a coupe and a roadster F-Type with a four-engine, which appeared under the hood of this model for the first time, joining the versions with a V6 and V8. Distinguish the most modest four F-Type the easiest way back – he’s got the exhaust is discharged through the central tube. In this audit were also subjected to the bumper, the front air intakes changed shape, and head optics is now fully LED. Inside, this car set thinner and lighter seats, rear-view mirror is replaced by frameless and multimedia system Touch Pro has been upgraded. In addition, an extra charge for the stereo camera models available under the windshield, responsible for Traffic Sign Recognition function, automatic braking and holding the car in the chosen band. Now, as most of the engine. There is installed a 2.0-liter gasoline engine of the family Ingenium, equipped with dual-flow turbocharger. This unit originally appeared on XE sedan and XF, where it produces a maximum 250 horsepower 365 Nm. But for the Jaguar F-Type it boosted to 300 forces and 400 Nm, while the peak thrust is available already from 1500 rev/min. Combined engine exclusively paired with 8-speed¬†machine and drive – rear only, although more powerful versions are available with manual transmission and all-wheel drive. Also, installation of more modest engine model has reduced weight to 52 kg (up to 1525 in the lightest embodiment). Compared to the 340-strong (450 Nm) modification V6 3.0, four-cylinder version F-Type to disperse hundreds gives him 0.4 seconds (5.7 seconds as compared to 5.3), and the maximum velocity is 249 km/h against 260 by car with the “six”. Instead, the average fuel consumption dropped from 8.4 to 7.2 l/100 km. It is possible that all this was started for reducing consumption and emissions, as for the automakers it should not exceed certain values, based on the sum of all sold their models and their modifications. At least, when buying the most accessible F-Type greatly save does not work. Its price in the UK starts at ¬£ 49,900, while for the version with a V6 with automatic transmission it is asked of 53,565 pounds.