Infiniti Q60 Black S Concept system with energy recovery

The company will bring Infiniti at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 concept Q60 Black S. Being built on the basis of the usual Infiniti Q60, the coupe has a hybrid propulsion system with energy recovery system, the ERS, which is similar to that used in race cars of Formula 1.
Interestingly, the project development was carried out in the Renault racing team’s headquarters, located near Paris, with the Japanese and French experts have tried to move the recovery system with a racing car in the Infiniti Q60 Black S with a minimum of changes.
Outside recognize Infiniti Q60 Black S easy by the presence of an aggressive body kit with a variety of aerodynamic elements. In addition, coupe received the ventilation slots in the hood, fender and two massive exhaust pipe, placed at the center of the rear bumper. On the prototype wheels installed special 21-inch wheels.
The movement of four-wheel drive concept results in a 3.0-liter “six” with two turbines. This engine develops 405 hp, allowing Q60 Black S exchange first hundred for 5.1 sec., And the recovery system provides “instant acceleration without turbo”. Furthermore, ERS allows momentarily increase engine returns to nearly 500 forces.

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