Infiniti Q Inspiration was presented at the Auto Show in Detroit

The Japanese brought to the Detroit Motor Show 2018 mid-size sports Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept sedan. The prototype has a coupe-like silhouette, and in front, it stands out with a massive grille and a bumper with a two-section central air intake. Also, there are acute-angle LED lights with an unusual pattern, and the rear lights merge to form a thin LED strip. According to the vice president of Infiniti Christian Muine, the current premium-segment sedans are too conservative in appearance, while the design of the Q Inspiration concept is designed to interest young drivers. The interior of the model is made in a minimalist style, and every detail contributes to an increase in the comfort of travel. The interior is finished with high-quality materials, among which the most curious is the so-called Nishijin-Ori fabric. The latter was used for skinning door pockets. It is noteworthy that this material is used here as a sensor, allowing passengers to change the illumination of the pockets. In the motion, the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept brings the VC-Turbo engine with variable geometric compression ratio, which contributes to a higher fuel economy. The performance of the engine is not disclosed, while fuel consumption is declared at the level of “diesel and hybrid models.” The concept was equipped with the latest version of the ProPILOT autonomous control system, which can maintain a safe distance and make changes when driving on the highway. Whether the company decides to launch such a sedan in the series is still unknown.

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