At the auto show in Los Angeles in 2012, Hyundai unveiled the production version of the new Santa Fe in 2013, as well as an unusual stylish concept, dubbed Veloster 3C Roll Top. According to the automaker, they created a three-door convertible with a sliding roof. The basis of the concept was taken asymmetric coupe Veloster Turbo, which deprived the hard top and rear window. Now the car the soft top, which can move both forward and backward, and instead of going down the traditional tailgate flap. Hyundai Veloster 3C Concept is positioned as a car for active recreation. This convertible is no problem to take on board a couple of bikes and kayaks. And to illustrate three-door equipped with a special attachment retaining great. Among other features of the model can be noted black grille, diffuser in the rear bumper with two tailpipes of the exhaust system increased at the center, as well as 18-inch wheels of different colors on the front and rear axle. The movement of the car is a 1.6-liter turbo engine with direct fuel injection capacity of 201 hp Further prospects of this project is foggy.

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