The first generation Hyundai H-1 minivan, also known as Starex, debuted in 1996, and at the Seoul Motor Show in 2007, the premiere of H-1 of the second generation, which is sold in some markets as the Hyundai Grand Starex.
Unlike its predecessor, with a typical Asian design, the new Hyundai H1 got a completely new look, which, while maintaining the rigor of common forms, emphasizes refinement in detail.

Packaging and prices Hyundai H-1 (Grand Starex) 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.5 CRDi Comfort MT $31,100 2.5 diesel engine (116 hp) Manual (5) rear
2.4 MPi Comfort AT $30,100 2.4 petrol (173 hp) Automatic (4) rear
2.5 CRDi Active AT $34,100 2.5 diesel engine (170 hp) Automatic (5) rear
2.5 CRDi Business AT $37,100 2.5 diesel engine (170 hp) Automatic (5) rear

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This vertically elongated head optics, and accented muscular wheel arches, harmoniously connected waist, and a large grille, made in the corporate style. Hyundai H-1 is produced in both passenger and freight in the embodiments, while the side doors are made on both sliding.
Aft of the passenger minibus multifunctional and can easily be transformed, so that the second moving and removing the third row of seats can be obtained impressive size cargo bay. The cargo version H-1 can carry up to 800 kg of cargo.
Currently, the market Hyundai H1 is offered with a 2.5-liter diesel engine CRDi, which is in the basic version provides 116 hp and turbocharged – 170. There is also a version with the petrol 173-strong unit of similar size.
The diesel minivan with the most modest engine is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, but its more powerful version are paired with five-speed automatic transmission. Drive in all cases only the back.
Price Hyundai H-January 2015 in the initial version is $31,100. The equipment of the van includes front airbags, ABS, air conditioner, front windows, trip computer and radio with six speakers.
For top-end version of the Hyundai H-1 to 170-strong turbodiesel with a submachine gun in a complete Business dealers ask $37,100. In its equipment added ESP, optional cabin heater, trim steering wheel and gear lever, aluminum inlays on the front of the console, sliding side window of the second-row seats and audio.