Hummer H3 – the most “small” frame of the family SUV Hummer, built on the basis of the serial pickup Chevrolet Colorado. The premiere of the car took place in 2005, and three years later H3 was somewhat modernized. Despite the fact that the Hummer H3 was the most accessible of all the family Hummer, he has not appeared in this “black sheep”. Like the larger Hummer H2 baby made in the same style of “military”, which is characterized by body panels chopped straight, almost vertical windscreen, a small area of the side glass and causing the simplicity of design.

Models & Prices Hummer H3/Hummer H3.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
Adventure AT 3.7 petrol (242 hp) Automatic (4) full
Base AT 3.7 petrol (242 hp) Automatic (4) full
Base MT 3.7 petrol (242 hp) Manual (5) full
V8 Top AT 5.3 petrol (305 hp) Automatic (4) full

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Externally, the Hummer H3 is almost accurate, but somewhat reduced, a copy of the second Hummer, and he was produced in the same two body styles – wagon (SUV) and truck (SUT). Overall length of the SUV is 4 740 mm, width – 1900 mm, height – 1872 mm. This is shorter by 80 mm, 163 mm and have 105 mm below the pattern H2. Ground clearance (clearance) decreased from 267 to 230 mm. As for the interior H3, the simplicity of the former and the founder of a series of brutality was gone. Torpedo generally looks for cars and with the same success could belong to any European business class car.
Thanks to the latter fact control Hummer H3 is quite simple and easy and an ergonomic driving position allows you to more comfortably accommodate him as a man of any height. The rear row of seats (in the H3 model only two of them) is composed of parts that allows us to find a compromise when transporting bulky cargo. And after 2008 SUV awarded a 5.3-liter “eight” to return to the 305 forces. This 3.7-liter engine also retained his place in the scheme. Last available as paired with a 5-speed manual, and paired with a 4-band machine (acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in ten seconds, top speed of 180 km/h). With a more powerful V8 engine with a hundred places Hummer H3 is already gaining in 8.2 seconds, and top speed is limited at the same level. The basic equipment Hummer H3 includes two airbags, ABS, Traction control, cruise control, heated front seats, leather upholstery and much Durga. The cost of the most affordable H3 in dealer showrooms began on $41,100.

foto-hummer-h3_03-650x487 foto-hummer-h3_05-650x487 foto-hummer-h3_08-650x487