New Honda Odyssey 5 (US) 2018, prices and equipment

At the auto show in Detroit 2017, Honda introduced the minivan Odyssey 5 generation for the US market, which is fundamentally different from its Japanese counterpart. New feature a modern media complex camera for monitoring the passengers in the rear ranks, as well as negotiating system. The new model guides the side sliding door window sills on the line have been transferred, thus reducing the risk of contamination. A luggage door minivan is now possible to open a “kick” under the bumper. Honda Odyssey 2017-2018 in the new body is based on the same chassis that previously laid down the basis for crossover Pilot and Ridgeline pickup 2 at its base. This minivan is offered only in front-wheel version, so instead of a multi-link rear suspension trailing arms are used in the car. The movement of the new Honda Odyssey 2017 resulting 3.5-liter V6 i-VTEC with direct injection. Giving motor is 284 hp, and it works in tandem with a nine or a ten automatic transmission. Saloon car was “organizer” of the second row seats Magic Slide. Its functionality allows three separate seats move in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. The seats of the second row can be removed altogether from the cabin, but put them on the floor can not be. Minivan is equipped for passenger surveillance system of the back, which was CabinWatch name and is primarily designed for the safe transportation of children. For example, parents can observe the actions of a child with a 8.0-inch display, which is displayed and a picture with a camera mounted on the ceiling above the second row. In turn, CabinTalk system is used to negotiate with the passengers at the rear. It allows you to strengthen the voice of the driver, play it using the radio speakers mounted on the second and third rows, either through headphones multimedia system designed for rear passengers. In addition, the new Honda Odyssey 2017-2018 has received an entertainment system with a 10.2-inch screen on the ceiling, from which the rear passengers can watch movies or to follow the route of movement. Control functions of the complex can use the special CabinControl smartphone application, the possibility of which also provide access to climate control and the navigator. Multimedia system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and also has an access point Wi-Fi. All new items complete, except for the base, have an automatic braking system to prevent frontal collisions, the control system “blind” zones and car-lock function in the band. For an extra charge the car can be equipped with a built-in vacuum cleaner and LED headlights with automatic high beams. Home sales Honda Odyssey 5 in the United States is scheduled for 2017, the spring, but the price is, are called.

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