At the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda showed the public a lot of concept cars. One of them was a sedan AC-X (Advanced Cruiser Experience), which is equally good both in the city and beyond.
By its dimensions (4700 mm long, 1820 mm – Ichiro and 1400 mm – height) NEW located right between the Civic and Accord. As the power plant in the Honda AC-X uses a 1.6-liter 127-horsepower engine that works with an electric apr├Ęs.
The company emphasize the low level of aerodynamic spor concept, which is 0.21. Not least, this has been achieved through the use of so-called wheel diffusers.
Pure electric AC-X Concept can reach the order of 50 kilometers at a maximum speed of 100 km/h, and a hybrid mode power reserve exceed 1000 kilometers.
For high level of controllability meets the new steering system, which received instead of the usual “donut” two joysticks. Honda has been testing a similar system on the car of Formula 1, when was a member of the World Cup. It is not clear how this innovation will affect the management of a civilian car, but the racing car with such a system were noticeably faster lap.
Before the premiere of new items was expected to face AC-X will be the center of a single global concept for all cars Honda, but this rumor has dispelled the director of the company’s research and development Yoshikazu Kigoshi, saying: “We believe it is necessary to prepare different cars to Europe, America and Japan”.

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