At the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Honda introduced the concept of a compact sports car that turned on the dimensions slightly larger two-seat Beat roadster, is produced in the period from 1991 to 1996.
The appearance of the concept of creative director commented Honda – Toshinobu Minami: “EV-STER shows how our design concepts. The car turned out delicious and exciting that will be common to all the products of our company further. At the same time, the appearance of EV-STER is not a person of Honda and all subsequent cars will be different”.
The movement of Honda EV-STER Concept is a 660 cc petrol engine capacity of about 63 hp, details of which are not reported in the company.
Easy, largely due to the widespread use of carbon fiber in its construction, the concept of gaining a hundred places in just 5.0 seconds and a top speed of 160 km/h. Charge the battery on the 200-volt network is about 3 hours, and the reserve should be enough for 160 kilometers.
It is expected that Honda EV-STER go to the series in the next two years, but European customers this car, most likely, will not see. The reason for that is the lack of “old-world” level of security and alleged pricing policy.

foto-honda-ev-ster_02-650x432 foto-honda-ev-ster_03-650x432 foto-honda-ev-ster_01-650x432