The history of the Infiniti G-series sedans 2014, prices and equipment

The first models of Infiniti G were only a US-oriented European counterparts modifications sedans Nissan. Car first-generation P10 was first presented at the Auto Show in New York 1989. Infiniti G is a copy of the first generation Nissan Primera, and appeared in the 1998th car the second generation of index P11 copied model Maxima.

Packaging and prices Infiniti G sedan (2014).

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
25 Sport $26,100 2.5 petrol (222 hp) Automatic (7) rear
25 Hi-Tech (without sunroof) $28,100 2.5 petrol (222 hp) Automatic (7) rear
25 Hi-Tech $28,800 2.5 petrol (222 hp) Automatic (7) rear
37 Sport $37,700 3.7 petrol (330 hp) Automatic (7) full
37 Premium $39,900 3.7 petrol (330 hp) Automatic (7) full
37 Hi-Tech $41,000 3.7 petrol (330 hp) Automatic (7) full
37 Elite $41,400 3.7 petrol (330 hp) Automatic (7) full

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The third generation of the Infiniti G (V35) has acquired the first version of the coupé , and finally change the image in the direction of luxury and sportiness. Under the hood, the model has registered 3.5-liter engine V6, which, depending on the specifications and model year, developing 260, 280 or 289 hp In the fall of 2006, the manufacturer has presented sedan Infiniti G35 (V36) of the fourth generation, which has retained the silhouette of its predecessor, but got a light engineering, modified bumpers and a new grille.
And at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008 he debuted the updated Infiniti G37, won the 330-strong “six” under the hood of a working volume of 3.7 liters and seven-speed machine instead of the previous five-speed. This sedan is gaining a hundred places at 6.0 seconds and a top speed of 240 km/h. In addition, after restyling in the lineup appeared more modest modification of the Infiniti G25 Sedan with rear-wheel drive instead of a full and 2.5-liter engine with 222 hp in return This version accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.9 sec., And the maximum speed is equal to 232 kilometers per hour.
But the size of cars has changed slightly, the length four-door of 4777 mm, width – 1770, height – 1 468, the value of the wheelbase remains the same and is equal to 2850 millimeters. In August 2014 the Japanese began to release sedan 2015 model year, which now wear label Infiniti Q40.


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