jaguar-logo“Jaguar”, the British car company, specializing in the production of cars of a class “lux”, part of the corporation “Ford Motor”. Headquartered in Coventry. The origins of the company is founded in 1925 by two namesakes – William Lyons (Sir Lyons William) and William Walmsley (Sir Walmsley William) company under the name Swallow Sidecar (abbreviated SS), originally specialized in the manufacture of carriages for motorcycles. Release Chair did not bring financial prosperity and Bill Lyons switched to the development of a body of well-known at the time the car “Austin 7» (Austin Seven), and in 1927 received an order for 500 bodies. The funds and reputation have enabled the company to establish itself in the market of body design, making them in future models Fiat 509A, Morris Cowley, Wolseley Hornet. Tried Lyons and design their own cars, fueling addiction seater sports model. Putting the summer of 1931 at the London Motor Show two models of SSI and SSII company has achieved significant success. They were followed by Jaguar SS90 and Jaguar SS100, catchy so named by Lyons. Jaguar SS100 has become a classic sports model of the 1940s. In 1945 the company became known as “Jaguar” as the abbreviation SS cause undesirable associations with the criminal Nazi organization. New success for the company came in 1948 on the same London Motor Show, where all eyes are attracted new Jaguar XK120. Staffed Heynes engine 105 hp, this car is easily a top speed of 126 km/h and was recognized among the fastest production cars. Fifties begin with the release of the model Jaguar Mk VII. The next model was the XK140, which in 1954 was replaced in production Jaguar XK120, the engine power increased to 190 hp when the cylinder volume of 2.4 liters. From 1957 to 1960, the company is making an active breakthrough in the US market, where it represents a model Jaguar XK150 and XK150 Roadster, with engines from 2.4 to 3.8 liters, with a capacity of up to 220 hp From 1961 to 1988, the company introduced a range of sports coupes and sedans representation, characterized by a high price and the same high performance. On the prestige Jaguar cars can only be compared to Ferrari and Rolls-Royse. “Jaguar” from the 50s worked closely with the British company “Daimler”, whose traditional luxury car class similar to “Jaguar”, are gradually being replaced produced at the plant “Daimler” “Jaguar”. Since 1960, “Daimler” is part of the “Jaguar”. The company itself “Jaguar”, experiencing obvious difficulties with sales in 1966 combined with the “British Motor”. 1961 – Jaguar XKE – a sensation at the exhibition in Geneva. 1962 – Jaguar MkX – success on the American automobile market. In 1968, there was Jaguar XJ6 (6- six-cylinder engine). A little later, in 1972, there was a Jaguar XJ12 with a 12-cylinder engine producing 311 hp, which has long been the most powerful version of the “Jaguar”. In autumn 1968 the first demonstration of high-end sedan Jaguar XJ8. In September 1994: the new model (X 300), XJR 4.0 Super Charged with the compressor. 1973 – Jaguar XJ – coupe coupe. The maximum speed of up to 250km/h. 1983 – Jaguar XJ-S – 3,6-liter, 225-hp engine is brand new – AJ6. Jaguar XJ220 was first presented at the British Motor Show 1988, which created a furor. The first version was created by Cliff Ryudellom (Cliff Rudell). However, in 1987 it was changed Helfetom Keith (Keith Helfet). The final version of the car was introduced in 1991 at the Tokyo Motor Show. In 1993, the sport was introduced lightweight modification “Jaguar XJ220-C”. 1988 – opening of the unit Jaguar Sport, engaged in the development of sport prototypes based on serial family Jaguar XJ220. 1989 – Jaguar is becoming a branch of the company Ford. 1991-94 years – the new range of XJ In March 1996, in Geneva, it was presented sports model Jaguar XK8/XKR. Available as a coupe and convertible. Jaguar S-type, business class car (sedan), on 21 October 1998 in Birmingham. In Detroit in 2000, was a demonstration sport roadster class “luxury» F-type Concept. By car uses the latest manufacturing technology headlamps «Baroptic». Model X-type, compact sedan class “luxury”, presented in 2000. In 2000, Jaguar has returned to the arena of Formula-1 Racing. In honor of the big event it had been prepared to release a new sports car. Produced only 100 models XKR “Silverstone” – the fastest Jaguar. Jonathan Browning commented on the appearance XKR: “This year begins a new chapter in the history of the Jaguar.