The Hamann studio has presented a program of improvements to BMW X6 M50d crossover. German tuners offer to install on a car body kit, as well as to enhance the impact of the power unit.
The package included by Hamann carbon bonnet, flared wheel arches and side “skirt”, the other bumper, rear spoiler and 23-inch wheels. In addition, the company offers a proprietary model for the exhaust system, the volume of which can be adjusted with a special application installed on the smartphone.
Experts Hamann also reprogram the electronic engine control unit, and then returns a standard 3.0-liter diesel will increase from the original 381 to 462 horsepower.
The company has not yet voiced the dynamics of dispersal modified BMW X6 M50d, but we can safely assume that the crossover tuning will sink faster version. The latest to accelerate from zero to hundreds of needed 5.2 seconds, while top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.

foto-hamann-x6-m50d_03 foto-hamann-x6-m50d_02 foto-hamann-x6-m50d_01