In November 2016 the presentation of the updated family Volkswagen Golf 7. In terms of design model does not differ from the pre-reform version of the model, and the bulk of the changes took place at the technical stuffing machines and equipment.
The Germans are slightly adjusted the shape of the front and rear bumpers, the front optics for a fee can now be fully LED, instead of bi-xenon before. A diode taillights steel on all versions of the Golf 7 by default.
Volkswagen specialists have also changed the location of the radar adaptive cruise control. Previously, he was on the lower air intake, after updating its “hidden” under the VW emblem on the grill.
The range of powertrains in 2017 restyling Volkswagen Golf, the enlarged 1.5-liter four-cylinder TSI. The engine capacity of 150 hp It operates on the Miller cycle and equipped with a turbocharger, and the system shutdown half cylinders at low loads.
For the hatchback is also offered 130-strong “eco-version” of the power unit – Bluemotion. When a coasting motor is suppressed as long as the driver again presses the accelerator. According to experts of the German mark, such a solution can save up to a liter of fuel per 100 kilometers.
The Germans also increased returns 2.0-liter engine, which is equipped with a “hot” version of the GTI-model. Now this engine produces 230 hp, which is 10 “horses” more than its predecessor. Well, the “advanced” version of the Performance now develops 245 forces (+ 15 forces). At the same time to replace the six-speed DSG robot now comes a new 7-band transmission with wet clutch.
After restyling interior Volkswagen Golf 7 appeared fully digital instrument panel (optional), which is a 12.3-inch display with a resolution of 1440 by 540 pixels. The car equipped with wireless charging for smartphones and Wi-Fi access point.
For the model also provides a new range of multimedia systems. At the same time on the machines in top trim control functions and entertainment complex (eg, scroll the menu or change the music), you can use gestures system.
Volkswagen Golf 2017 was the first model in its class, we obtain a system of preventive protection of passengers. With the threat of a dangerous situation, it tightens belts, ready to inflate the airbag, closes the windows and sunroof. If an accident can not be avoided, these measures will help to minimize the threat to life and health of passengers.
The equipment list of the updated Golf appeared autopilot, “entry” level, able to stop the car and again continue the movement, as well as a tracking system for movement Rows. In Europe, sales of the updated Volkswagen Golf 7 will begin in April 2017. Information on pricing yet.

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