The Germans suspected FCA data falsification on the level of emissions

Bild reported that during the tests conducted by the federal Agency for Road Transport Germany (KBA), the concern models of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles certain discrepancies in the declared and the actual level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere have been found (FCA). According to preliminary information, KBA suspect that the FCA intends underestimated data on the level of harmful emissions by using special software. With the passage of the prohibitions of the test mining system activated exhaust. Upon completion of the test, which lasted about 20 minutes, the system automatically turns off. As a result, test results turned out to be several times lower than the actual level of emissions. The representatives of the Italian-American group stated that the accusations are groundless KBA, and all models FCA fully meet all European eco-standards. For the automaker stood up, and the Minister of Transport Italy Delray grace. According to him, the Fiat is responsible for the certification of their cars just in front of the Italian regulatory authorities, which means checking machines should spend it in Italy and not in Germany. Apparently, the KBA will have to send their test results to Rome, where they again examine the already Italian experts. If suspicions are confirmed, then Germany will be a ban on the sale of the Group FCA cars.


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