Geneva will show the concept of Sibylla from Georgetto Giugiaro

To the 80th anniversary of the famous Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, GFG Style, owned by Giugiaro himself and his son, produced a show car called Sibylla. The public will be able to see the car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018.

This model is a sedan, named after the ancient Greek prophetesses Sibyl. Plus the same name was with Mother Georgetto – her name was Maria Sibilla (Maria Sibilla).

The conceptual four-door has received an unusual design of the exterior. The front doors of the car here swing open without the glass, while the huge glass roof cap over the front row shifts forward, making it easier to board the cabin.

Such a mechanism Dzhudzharo invented back in the 60’s, but now he managed to realize it at a better level.

In particular, at Сивилы the compact sliding mechanism is hidden from prying eyes, thus the top part of glass has a photochromic covering, allowing to darken a surface for protection against the bright sun.

Sybilla was equipped with rear doors like the “gull wing”, and on the stern of the conceptual sedan registered “boomerang” lights in the style of the coupe Maserati 3200 GT. The author of the image of the latter is again Dzhudzharo.

At a height of 1 480 mm, the prototype reaches a length of more than five meters. In the show car movement, four electric motors are driven at once (one for each wheel). The delivery of the units is not disclosed, but it is known that they draw energy from a battery with a capacity of 75 kWh. The latter is located under the floor of the cabin.

The onboard electronics of the prototype is under the control of the EnOS operating system developed by Envision, while the authors of the concept note that according to their concept Sibylla can be integrated into the energy system of a residential house (or even a city). In this case, the car can not only receive energy to recharge the batteries, but also give it at times of peak loads.

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