In Geneva, the first harbinger of Singapore showed the supercar

Within the framework of the Geneva Motor Show in 2017 the company presented a prototype of Vanda Electrics Dendrobium, which is the first harbinger of Singapore supercar.
Dendrobium concept received automatic opening up upstream doors and hinged roof, and instead of rear-view mirrors are mounted camera. The double cabin models sport seats were placed and finished carbon fiber wheel.
Subdivision Williams Advanced Engineering Singaporeans helped with the aerodynamics, the layout and the electrification of the concept, but on a technical stuffing Dendrobium information has not been disclosed.
According to the developers, the serial version of the car will receive two electric motors on the axle. Front compartment will complement a single-stage transmission, and rear – a multi-stage.

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In addition, the electric car will get a set of lithium-ion batteries of its own design. This stuffing should allow the supercar to accelerate from zero to hundred in 2.7 seconds and its top speed is estimated 320 km/h.
Representatives Vanda Electrics note that production-ready Dendrobium may appear in 2020, but before running the model in a series of Singaporeans plan to analyze the reaction of the audience to the concept.

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