Fifth generation Ford Mustang, prices and equipment

Ford Mustang, from the moment it first appeared on the market in 1964, has always been a symbol of classic American cars. His stories were a lot of dizzying highs as a record number of cars sold in a short time, and as low downs: Ford Mustang experienced together with all penalties muscle-challenging times the gasoline crisis in the seventies of the XX century. But, nevertheless, going through a series of upgrades, it has come to exist now option, which presented to the public at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, called “S-197”, and in 2005 he appeared in the automotive market. In 2010, the Ford Mustang has undergone another facelift.
Appearance Ford Mustang V for its clean lines and compact body resembles a harmonious and unique specimens of the late 1960s. Its front bumper looks like predatory sharks nose and grille adorns the traditional emblem of racing galloping horse, symbolizing the swiftness and gracefulness of these cars. Ford Mustang – a car class CD/Pony Car, front engine and rear-wheel drive, created a new platform D2C. Overall dimensions of the Ford Mustang, mm .: length – 4780 width – 1880, height – 1410. Wheelbase Ford Mustang from 2010 – 2720 mm, which gives it good stability on the road and a lot of room for passengers.


Space in the Ford Mustang is enough for all passengers. Comfortable seats with pronounced lateral support are ideal for travel comfortably. Since 2008, the manufacture of seat Ford Mustang began to apply a natural material made from soy. Thus, it was a nod to the ideals of Henry Ford. Car owners can themselves adjust the backlight of the dashboard, select one of the 125 possible combinations to suit your mood, taste and even whim. The Ford Mustang meets modernity with the past legacy of the vehicle shown in the elements of design with the steering of the same emblem, chrome finish vents.
Standard features include power windows, power mirrors, access to the car without a key, and heated front and rear windows. In 2009, the Mustang has become available (as an option) a glass roof, but for her had to pay $ 1 995. Airbags double degree of disclosure and seat belts with pretensioners protect against injuries in a collision with another vehicle. Immobilizer Ford Mustang shows the sensor module to operate at theft by towing. The internal motion sensor detects an alarm and break-ins, Battery Operated 60 Amp/hr., Which allows him a long time to prevent the sound of what was going on car theft. Engines Ford Mustang
The base engine for the Ford Mustang in 2005 was a 4.0-liter engine Cologne V6 SOHC V6 rated at 210 hp, and it was a couple of the more powerful 300-horsepower all-aluminum V8 unit volume of 4.6 liters. These motors are offered for Ford Mustang GT Convertible, which accelerates from zero to one hundred in 7.3 seconds. (1.4 sec. Faster than its competitor Pontiac G6 Convertible). Ford Mustang V6 Deluxe is equipped with a manual transmission 5-Tremec T-5 (five-speed automatic transmission is optional 5R55S), AM/FM/1CD radio, air conditioning. In a set of 16 – inch wheels. The Ford Mustang V6 Premium adds Shaker 500 audio system with CD-changer for 6 CDs, manual seat adjustment in six positions, leather steering wheel.
Version Ford Mustang GT Deluxe is equipped with V8 power unit volume of 4.6 liters., ABS with traction control, trim stainless steel exhaust pipe, fog lights, halogen headlights, rear spoiler, adjustable steering wheel tilt. Ford Mustang GT Premium additionally sports a sport-bucket seats. In 2011, the four-liter engine was replaced by a Duratec V6 volume of 3.7 liters., 305 hp power Fuel consumption of this engine is equipped with an upgraded six-speed manual transmission Getrag MT82, 12 l/100 km in the city and 8.1 L/100 km on the highway. With receive the following six-speed automatic transmission 6R60, fuel consumption on the highway was reduced to 7.6 l/100 km.
Rear axle suspension (Panhard) prevents displacement of the axis of Ford Mustang when exposed to lateral forces, as it is easier and cheaper than the independent suspension. Despite this, Ford was heavily criticized for the installation of an archaic suspension, but the manufacturer was adamant, arguing their actions a desire to reduce the cost Ford Mustang for $ 5000. Price Ford Mustang in 2005, starts at $ 19,410 for the V6 Coupe, Ford Mustang GT and the cost then $ 24,995, making it the most affordable sports car with an engine capacity of 300 hp The 2011 Ford Mustang GT equipped with a V8 engine capacity of 5.0 liter capacity 412 hp According to unofficial information, its maximum speed with this engine more than 250 km/hour.
Also, the car has a long list of modifications that differ from the basic model types of engines and specifications. Half of all sports cars sold in America is a Mustang, and they are eternal rivals Chevrolet Camaro. In the spring of 2012 I went on sale Ford Mustang 2013 model year. He got more aggressive exterior design, the daytime running lights with LED bar and two new colors: Deep Impact Blue (blue) and Gotta Have It Green (green).
Its V6 engine capacity of 5.0 liters and 420 hp, with maximum torque of 390 Nm at 4 250 rev/min., Can be paired not only with manual transmission, 6, and 6-speed automatic transmission, with the possibility of manual control. In the GT Track Package features an upgraded radiator, brakes Brembo, summer tires and the same differential Torsen, that of the Ford Mustang Boss 302. The help system is on the rise (Hill start assist) helps when starting uphill.
The center console LCD screen diagonal is 4.2 inches, which can be controlled via buttons on the steering wheel. For the music or answer the radio Shaker Shaker Pro (370 or 550 watts, respectively). Collect the Ford Mustang in Flat Rock (Michigan, USA) in a joint venture of Ford and Mazda (AutoAlliance International). As of January 2013, Ford offers to buy ten variants of models Ford Mustang, the price ranges from $ 22,200 to $ 30,750. As is the case with the McLaren MP4-12C, on Ford Mustang can virtually travel around the game Need for Speed.



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