For owners of the new Porsche Cayenne (958), there are more options for tuning of the various establishments. Now they were joined by legendary Gemballa studio, revived after the death of its former leader, and bankruptcy proceedings. Gemballa Experts produced a wide body kit for the Cayenne, named Tornado. It includes a new bumper, a hood, side skirts, doors, new front fenders and trim on the trunk lid. All the elements are made of carbon fiber, which reduced the overall the whole car on 70 kg. The body kit from Gemballa Tornado significantly alter the appearance of the crossover, especially his back, compared with the standard version. For the interior Cayenne tuners yet offer nothing but actively working on it. As for the engine, it is available only package, which increases the return turbocharged 4.8-liter V8 with 500 to 580 hp Torque thereof reaches 1 to 000 Nm. But later the Gemballa¬†engineers promises to prepare a package that increases moschost already up 675-700 hp The cost of all these improvements in the company’s press release did not say, but the Tornado kit will be released a limited edition of only 30 pieces.

gemballa-tornado_01-650x406 gemballa-tornado_03-650x406 gemballa-tornado_02-650x406