In December 2009, the German Gemballa tuning company, famous for its modifications of cars Porsche at the International Motor Show in Dubai surprised everyone by presenting tuning Ferrari Enzo, was named Gemballa MIG-U1. A few days later tuners published new photos of the 700-strong road car equipped with an engine V12, as well as share some details. Gemballa MIG-U1 Ferrari Enzo wider than the standard 80 mm front and 100 mm at the rear, a new front spoiler creates additional high-speed downforce of 35 kilos, and behind the car is distinguished by a large spoiler and the double diffuser. On the roof of the supercar has an additional duct, to ensure sufficient cooling of the 700-horsepower engine, additional cooling is supplied also to the brake discs. Clearance Gemballa MIG-U1 is now even lower than the stock Ferrari Enzo, therefore Gemballa car equipped with an electro-hydraulic system able to lift the car by 45 mm for various bumps in the road. Supercar was unique forged wheels 19-inch radius of the front and 20-inch – rear, which are shod with racing tires. In the Gemballa studio promise that out of 25 MIG-U1 based on the Enzo, which they plan to build will not even two identical copies.

gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_09-650x486 gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_06-650x486 gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_08-650x486 gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_07-650x486 gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_05-650x486 gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_04-650x486 gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_03-650x486 gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_02-650x486 gemballa-mig-u1-enzo_01-650x486