Debut of new items called Gemballa GT was held at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, where a few well-known company presented my own on the subject of tuning of the car. Gemballa GT aerodynamics kits include a new front bumper with spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler and a small rear wing. The changes affect only the inner steering wheel, carbon fiber inserts and received a brand logo. At the motor show in Geneva 2013 debuted McLaren MP4-12C Spider open modification to the same package of improvements by Gemballa. The company still did not touch the base 3.8-liter 625-horsepower V8 engine with twin-turbocharged, limited only visual changes supercar. The cost of the entire set for Spider, including a body kit, wheels and interior renewal, of 47,166 euros. This package can be ordered and parts. In this case, the body kit will cost € 19,980, and for a set of wheels to be put € 7890.

foto-gemballa-gt-mp4-12c_01-650x432 foto-gemballa-gt-mp4-12c_02-650x432 foto-gemballa-gt-mp4-12c_05-650x433 foto-gemballa-gt-mp4-12c_04-650x433 foto-gemballa-gt-mp4-12c_06-650x433 foto-gemballa-gt-mp4-12c_03-650x432