The French introduced a racing coupe Renault RS01

At the motor show in Moscow 2014 had its world premiere racing coupe Renault RS01, which is presented personally Alain Prost, who served as ambassador of Renault in motorsport. In the future, the company will arrange for its own model monocup within World Series World Series by Renault.
The basis of the car lay carbon monocoque manufactured by Italian company Dallara. The movement of Renault RS01 leads located in the rear of the 500-horsepower (600 Nm) engine Nismo V6 3.8-liter, aggregated paired with a 7-band sequential transmission Sadev.
Coupe weighing only 1 100kg has thought out aerodynamics, with characteristics similar to the formulary bolides Renault 3.5 According to the manufacturer, generated downforce at speed superior to news GT3 class car and is close to the bolides series DTM. The maximum speed in this case may be up to 300 km/h.
To achieve such performance was not only due to the aerodynamic tail, but also due to the shape of the body, the height of which is equal to only 1 116 mm and a width of just two meters. The length of the coupe – 4710, the value of the wheelbase – 2744.
Among other features Renault RS01 can note made on technologies formulary suspension double wishbone with pushrods, the use of shock absorber company Ohlins, powerful carbon-ceramic brakes and specially developed for this model of tires Michelin.

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