At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, Continental introduced conceptual “smart” tires, capable of adapting to various road conditions. These tires are equipped with two innovative technologies. The first one is called “ContiSense” and represents a special current-carrying rubber compound with integrated sensors. The latter analyze characteristics such as the depth of the tread and the temperature of the tire. If there are any deviations from the norms, the system will notify the driver with the appropriate message, while further specialists of Continental want to “teach” the technology to measure the temperature of the road and determine the presence of snow on it The second technology is called “ContiAdapt” and is a microprocessor built into the tire, which regulates the pressure and changes the contact spot depending on the current road conditions. The system can operate in one of three modes: standard, for uneven road and for slippery/wet roads. When driving on a dry road, “ContiAdapt” reduces the contact spot, thereby providing a higher profitability, and when driving on slippery canvas or snow, the technology can either increase the contact spot or lower the pressure in the tire. The Continental tire presented in Frankfurt is equipped with both technologies, and its protector is divided into three zones, which are activated depending on the pressure and width of the tire, adapting to the current road conditions and driver preferences.