In Frankfurt, presented the BMW M8 GTE Coupe

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, the BMW M8 GTE coupe was presented, which the Bavarian automaker plans to announce for the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the 24 Hours of Le Mans marathon. This two-door has received a proprietary two-section radiator grille, but without twigs, as well as a ventilated hood, a massive wing and 18-inch wheels. In the cabin, there is a steering wheel with 16 buttons and 7 switches. In length, width and height racing BMW M8 GTE 2018 reaches 4 980, 2 046 and 1 212 mm. The distance between the two-door axes is 2,880 millimeters. The body panels of the model are made of composite materials, so the racing car weighs only 1,220 kg. The BMW M8 GTE received a suspension on the wishbones, as well as adjustable shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. In the movement of the coupe leads a 4.0-liter “turbo”, which, combined with a six-speed sequential gearbox, develops more than 500 hp. Of the other features of the racing car, mention should be made of the limited slip differential, the Sachs carbon clutch and the rear-view camera with the object recognition system. The racing debut of the new BMW M8 GTE will take place in January 2018 at the “Daytona 24 Hour” marathon, with a presentation of the road version of the BMW M8, which will replace the “em six” model, in the summer of the same year.

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