Ford trial run of the new technology on the concept of Atlas

Ford has presented at the motor show in Detroit concept pickup Atlas, which gives an idea of the vector of development of the next generation of the popular in the United States F-150.

For its size and design of Ford Atlas Concept is very close to the production version of the pickup.Externally, it is distinguished by brutal grille, fully LED front and rear lighting.

But the key features of the concept of the Ford Atlas is active aerodynamics, designed to reduce fuel consumption. For example, the wheel arches and radiator grille are fitted with special flaps that close at higher speeds when the nodes do not require active cooling – it helps to reduce air resistance.

Moreover, from the front bumper spoiler helping more optimal distribution of the air flow under the bottom, and grazing on the go naobrot hidden, providing a high ground clearance on the dirt road and without creating aerodynamic noise on the highway.

Among these solutions only automaker managed to reduce the average fuel consumption in the urban cycle of 3-4 liters, compared with serial Ford F-150. Additional savings are provided by the system “Start/Stop”, which is equipped with an upgraded turbo EcoBoost under the hood of the Atlas.

More specific details about the technical stuffing Ford Atlas Concept in the company are not reported.

foto-ford-atlas-concept_03 foto-ford-atlas-concept_02 foto-ford-atlas-concept_01

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