At the Shanghai Motor Show in 2015, the premiere of the new Ford Taurus sedan 7 generation, which was developed taking into account the preferences of the Chinese market. The version for the United States to present new items later. In front the new Ford Taurus (2017) reminds Mondeo 5, showing off his trademark hexagonal grille and narrow diode head optics. Unlike its predecessor, the silhouette of the new sedan body was more elegant, and in the rear rack have additional windows.
Also, the new Ford Taurus has got LED rear lights and the original 19-inch. Inside, high quality materials trim and open space in the back row provides a wheelbase equal to 2949 mm (overall length sedan is 4996 millimeters). The interior of the car equipped with a large number of niches for storage of small things, as well as special adjustable cupholders, able to keep bottles of different sizes. Side second-row seat in the new Ford Taurus 7 equipped with lumbar support and massage function.
In a folding armrest in the rear couch climate control buttons are, your multimedia system and a panoramic sunroof, which is designed in such a way as to not eat when you open usable space over the heads of the passengers. Home sales Ford Taurus 7 in a new body in the Chinese market is scheduled for the beginning of autumn 2015, prices start with a mark of 48,000 dollars. Production trends have developed in a joint venture Changan Ford and capacity of 250,000 vehicles a year.