Ford integrated waze into sync 3

At the CES Consumer Electronics Show, Ford and Waze presented a joint project that is an adaptation of the application for Ford cars with the SYNC 3 multimedia system. Through integration with the Ford SYNC AppLink, Waze users will be able to display up-to-date traffic information and routes directly to the touch screen of the platform SYNC 3 and manage application functions with voice commands.

Full integration means that Ford customers can simply connect their smartphones with the Waze application installed to the USB port in their cars, after which Waze will display information on a large 8-inch touch screen car. The application will also be synchronized with the car audio system. Among the options that will now be available to Ford car owners, Talk to Waze, which allows you to control the application with voice commands, and the function of supporting the route on the transit strip with the calculation of the time of arrival.

Waze allows the driver to obtain information for constructing optimal routes and actual data on the traffic situation: the application collects and processes information about the conditions on the road coming from the users themselves. The driver simply needs to enter the destination and move along the route with the application turned on, and it will automatically transmit the current data to other Waze users. At the same time, any driver can independently warn about changes in the traffic situation, including notifying the user community of previously unidentified accidents, dangerous factors or changes in the route.

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