New Ford Focus Electric 2016, prices and equipment

A little waiting Detroit Auto Show in 2011, Ford introduced its first all-electric car models Focus Electric at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While ford not disclose details about Focus electric power plant, but reported that its maximum speed can reach 136 km/h, and the range slightly higher than the new Chevrolet Volt. But to fully charge the lithium-ion batteries at the Ford Focus Electric 240-volt network will only take 3-4 hours, which is two times faster than it takes to recharge the Nissan Leaf. However, the Americans first have to buy an adapter, since they have a standard household voltage network is 120 volts. As for the appearance, electric Focus, it is practically identical to the shape of the five-door hatchback Ford Focus 3. The cabin is equipped by eletromobil system start button, and the system MyFord Touch, displaying a variety of different parameters in one of two 4.2-inch screens. In addition, the American version of the Focus Electric will support the application for Smartphone MyFord Mobile, through which you can remotely control some function are essential. For example, with a smartphone, you can lock or unlock the doors and set the schedule charge. Thus, the batteries can be recharged only at night, when electricity costs less. Production of new items will be established in late 2011 at a plant in Michigan (USA), and more detailed information on the electric Focus should appear later.

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