Ford F-150 Pick-up received a modification of Police Responder

Ford Company presented a police pick-up truck F-150 Police Responder, which was developed by 26 policemen from the US and Canada. The model is designed for the grueling pursuit of criminals. Outside, the car can be distinguished not only by the special color of the body but also by the presence of other 18-inch wheels, “shod” in off-road tires. In addition, the machine received a powerful underbody protection. In the cabin of such Ford F-150 was installed police communications equipment (for example, a laptop with constant access to service bases and radio communication). Front seats here are covered with durable leather, while in their backs are mounted steel plates, protecting the police from the attack from behind. The second-row seats are tightened in vinyl, which, according to representatives of Ford, “very easy to clean.” The police pickup is built on the basis of the modification of the F-150 Super Crew with a four-door cab and cargo platform, which is 167 cm in length. This car is driven by a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 with a power of 375 hp. To dispatch the Ford F-150 Police Responder can be up to 160 km/h, but the main thing in this car is not to speed, but endurance. The fact is that the pickup has been modified cooling system, installed more efficient brakes with sports shoes, and also replaced the stabilizers of lateral stability. All this allows him to effectively participate in the long hours pursuits.

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