New Ford Expedition (4) 2018, prices and equipment

At the Chicago Auto Show in 2017 will premiere a new large SUV Ford Expedition 4 generations. It is known that the car is slightly increased in size and received a higher level of technical equipment.
Inside, Ford Expedition 2017-2018 in the new body has three full rows of seats, and the model can be ordered in the seven-seater, and the eight-versions. In the first case, the second row of seats instead of the sofa has two separate seats. The second row is now moving on the slide, with the passage of the gallery it is possible to move without removing the child seat.
The interior of the new Ford Expedition 2018 not undergone significant changes. His design became richer and the multimedia system display – larger. The car equipped with SYNC entertainment complex c 8,0-inch screen and support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interfaces. It offers the driver and passengers are fifteen coasters, six the USB-connector and four 12-volt power outlet.
Chairs of the second and third row folded into the floor to form a flat area but Ford’s experts have not yet disclose the total amount of luggage trends. Recall that its predecessor it reached 3067 or 3703 liters in normal or long wheelbase versions of the model, respectively.
As options for the luggage compartment Ford Expedition 2017 in a new body offered individual trays, organizer and intermediate shelf. The latter is mounted below the window sill line and can withstand loads up to 23 kg. For the convenience of transportation provided for the drive of the fifth door.
The basis of the new Ford Expedition 2017-2018 laid down on the chassis of a F-150 pickup, with the SUV has received more rigid frame, and his body is almost entirely made of aluminum. The fourth-generation model was 136 kg lighter than the previous generation of machines, but the total mass still is about 2.4 tons.
The length of the SUV up to 5334 mm (100), while its wheelbase has increased to 3099 mm (+ 76). As for the extended version of the model (Expedition Max), it reaches a length of 5634 mm, which is 25 mm more than the previous generation of similar modification, but its wheelbase remains equal to 3327 mm.
The range of power units of the new Ford Expedition in 2017 represented only 3.5-liter V6 turbo engine family EcoBoost, which the Americans have borrowed from the previous generation of the SUV. Engine power is not specified, but it is expected that the return will exceed 370 hp
As for transmission off-road vehicle, its role is played by the new 10-speed machine, which is already equipped with an updated Ford Mustang 6 and F-150 pickup truck. Instead of the usual gearshift lever of the vehicle equipped with a rotary selector and shift gears manually, you can use the keys “plus” and “minus”.
By default, the new Ford Expedition 4 has a rear-wheel drive, while the more expensive versions are equipped with four-wheel drive transmission with automatic connection of the front axle, and the clutch can be locked.
The SUV also received a downshift, and as an option for him is offered locking rear transverse differential. In addition, the novelty has got selector Drive Mode, which allows to choose one of seven preset modes of transmission and electronics.
In addition, we expanded the number of available car equipment. Now for the Ford Expedition 2017 in a new body can be ordered adaptive cruise control, a wireless charging for smartphones, all-sky cameras, parking autopilot, panoramic roof, Wi-Fi transmitter with the ability to connect up to ten devices and screens for the second row passengers.
The list of electronic assistants listed more than 40 different systems, including automatic braking function of the vehicle retention strip tracking system “blind” zones and more.
To release a new Ford Expedition 4 decided at the plant in Louisville (Kentucky). US sales of the model will start in the autumn of 2017, but on the trim levels and pricing information is not available.

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