By Ferrari fit of generosity to two teaser of the new supercar, which should come to replace Enzo model and become the most powerful and fastest car in the modern line of the Italian automaker. The premiere will be held on the future trends in the Geneva Motor Show in 2013. Hitherto successor to Enzo in the automotive media designated F70, but teasers signed 150 index – the index with a hint of racing a Formula 1 car on which Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were in the World Cup of the 2012 season. In the front view the new supercar is indeed a bit like a formula car – the same can be said of a number of elements in the rear of the machine. While we know that the successor to the Enzo will receive a full carbon monocoque, which, according to the automaker, is 20% lighter than its predecessor, but its torsional rigidity has increased by 27%. It is known that the new top-end Ferrari supercar will receive a hybrid propulsion system with a gasoline motor V12 and the kinetic energy recovery system KERS. It is expected that his return will exceed 800 hp, allowing the car to gain from a place one hundred in 2.5 seconds and a top speed will reach 400 km/h.

ferrari-f150-teaser_02 ferrari-f150-teaser_01