One of the main innovations of the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, no doubt, became the new supercar from Ferrari, who replaced the legendary model Enzo. Italian automaker until recently concealed not only the appearance of its new products, but also its name. Initially it was assumed that the supercar will be called Ferrari F70, although its factory index was listed F150, but in fact a model called much more unusual.

Packaging and prices Ferrari LaFerrari.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
Hybrid $1,300,000 Hybrid 6.3 (963 hp) Automatic (7) rear

LaFerrari of 4702 mm (size of the wheelbase – 2665), width – 1992, height – 1 116 mm. Vehicle weight is just kg 1255, of which 140 kg weighs recovery system HY-KERS and 62 kg – the lithium-ion batteries. Mass distribution of the axes equal to 41:59 in favor of the rear axle. The basis of the car is a carbon-fiber monocoque, made by technology of Formula 1 of the four kinds of carbon fiber. Body panels made supercar mostly made of composites, and the total torsional rigidity has increased by 27%, compared to the Enzo. The movement La Ferrari driven by a hybrid powerplant. It helps him electric motor of 163 hp (270 Nm) and thrust to the rear wheels through a 7-band robotic box DCT. Similar figures have new supercar and the McLaren P1, also debuting in Geneva. The test track at Fiorano is the most powerful in the history of Ferrari supercar overcome for 1 minute and 20 seconds, five seconds exceeds the result of Enzo and three seconds better than the time F12 Berlinetta. Configure the chassis Ferrari La Ferrari drivers helped the home team in Formula 1 Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, and more stability in cornering the car provide active aerodynamic elements. New La Ferrari put on different size wheel diameter of 19 inches in the front and 265/30 tires on 20-inch – the width of the rear tires 345/30. The basic equipment includes a powerful carbon-ceramic brakes Brembo, Electronic Stability Control ESC, traction control function EF1-TRAC, active rear differential E-Diff third generation, as well as active suspension with magnetorheological dampers. Seats inside the supercar are not regulated as they are part of the power structure of the monocoque. But in the finishing using modern carbon fiber, Alcantara and high-quality leather. Results will be released only 499 copies of La Ferrari (exactly a hundred more than the Enzo), with the bulk of them have been sold to regular customers. However, the company insisted that it is possible to make the order, and the price of this super car is 1.3 million. Euro, which is about $300,000 more McLaren P1. We asked for the Italian hypercar $1,300,000, and the car will be able to buy only those who are (or once were) at least five other models of Ferrari.

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