Tuners Novitec Rosso company presented an updated version of the modification the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta of N-Largo, in which the artist added index “S”. For a long time the original N-Largo remained one of the most stylish version of the Italian supercar, but Novitec experts have decided to improve his creation. Note that the German tuners abandoned further development of 6.3-liter engine the V12, wisely deciding that its 781 hp and 722 Nm is enough. The dynamic characteristics of S-version has not yet been published, but it is rumored that the maximum speed of the car is now reaching 350 km/h. But the exterior of the Ferrari F12 has undergone substantial revision. Specialists Novitec Rosso decided to make N-Largo S as possible meaner and more aggressive. Italian supercar has received other body panels, becoming 7 cm wider front and 14 cm – from behind. Almost all the elements of the aerodynamic body kit made of carbon fiber, and complement the image of a sinister N-Largo S enormous 21- and 22-inch wheels front and rear, respectively. The car also received a completely new exhaust system with other pipes and valves to control. As is the case with the original N-Largo, tuners are planning to release a package of S-F12 Berlinetta version of a limited edition of 11 copies. The cost of the modification has not been disclosed.

foto-f12-nlargo-s_03 foto-f12-nlargo-s_02 foto-f12-nlargo-s_01