As promised earlier, 29 February, the Ferrari company has officially unveiled its new supercar, which came to replace the compartment 599 Fiorano GTB. Novelty called F12 Berlinetta, and its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show will be held in 2012. Silhouette of a new supercar, in general, seriously did not change, but the appearance of the Ferrari F12 was developed from scratch. Front attract the attention of a wide central air intake, spoiler, optics style FF model and the ventilation slots in the hood.

Packaging and prices Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
V12 $322,000 6.3 petrol (740 hp) Automatic (7) rear

Round taillights Ferrari F12 Berlinetta resemble similar to the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, and the transition gracefully around them converge to the central diffuser, each side of which there are two pipe exhaust system. The company paid special attention to aerodynamics supercar, achieving an extremely low drag coefficient equal to 0.299. A clamping force on the coupe, increased compared to its predecessor, once by 76% (up to 123 kg at a speed of 200 km/h). To achieve such performance was due to the technology Aero Bridge, redirects the flow of air from the side of the front air intake through the wheel arches and the air vent of in the front wings on the sides and then on the hind wings.
Another aerodynamic trick allows you to increase the cooling efficiency of carbon-ceramic brakes, when the temperature of the latter rises to too high values. In this case, additional air intakes open, directing the air to the brakes. By its dimensions Ferrari F12 berlinetta is slightly inferior to its predecessor – the length of the new items is 4618 mm, width – 1942 mm, height – 1 273 mm. Thus, new compartment 47 mm shorter than 20 mm and have a 63 mm below 599 GTB. The total weight of F12 Berlinetta is 1 525 kg, which is 70 kg lighter than its predecessor. Weight distribution of 46:54 in favor of the rear axle. The engine is mounted in a pair with a seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches, from zero to a hundred Ferrari F12 accelerates in 3.1 seconds, a mark of 200 km/h in 8.5 seconds, overcomes, and the maximum speed, according to the manufacturer, more than 340 km/h. Receiving orders for Ferrari F12berlinetta launched during the Geneva Motor Show, and the first machines customers can be obtained only at the beginning of 2013. The price of the new coupe in Italy will be at least 274,000 euros, and inclusive of taxes and additional options supercar cost could rise to 369,589 euros. At the same time, berlinetta was even a bit cheaper than its preceding 599 GTB┬ámodel.

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