Ferrari has built an exclusive 458 MM Speciale

In late May 2016 the Italian track Fiorano hosted a presentation of a special modification Ferrari 458 Speciale, received in MM console title. It is reported that the car is built in a single copy from customers from the UK, who wished to remain anonymous. Ferrari 458 MM Speciale source code is different from the other body panels that were made by hand from aluminum. In addition, the supercar has received carbon front and rear bumpers, additional side air intakes in the rear spoiler and the other, providing better downforce at high speeds. Working on this modification, the Ferrari experts changed the glazing and the roof line, and added additional aerodynamic elements on the front bumper and sills. RV 458 MM Speciale flaunt exclusive wheels. The Italians have placed heatsinks front closer to each other, but there has undergone refinements powerplant supercar unknown. Recall that the standard Ferrari 458 Speciale drives a 4.5-liter V8 rated at 605 hp, combined in a pair with a seven-step robot. To obtain an exclusive coupe interior used leather chocolate brown with white stitching. Italians are also installed in the cabin a powerful sound system. Information about the cost of the modification is not 458 MM.

foto-458-mm_03 foto-458-mm_02 foto-458-mm_01

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