Just 10 days before the premiere, the official photos of the new generation of Mercedes-Benz G-class off – road car (index W164) appeared in the network . You can, of course, try to play the game “find ten” differences “and try to find any significant differences from its predecessor, but it is unlikely to come out.

As promised by the Germans, and also seen in numerous spy photos, the appearance of “Helika” has changed, to put it mildly, slightly. In front of the eye, new headlights are flashing with rings of LED navigation lights. New bumpers, lanterns, separate blocks of turn signals on the front fenders … Despite the fact that the company slightly “licked” the body panels G-class, the SUV is still not far from its ancestor in 1979 release.

The company has not yet declassified the technical specifications, it is known only that the new generation will not be wider than its predecessor, but its interior will be more spacious due to the other organization of the internal space.

Under the old wrapper lies a real technical revolution. Yes, “Helik” has retained the frame structure of the ladder type, three locks of differentials, and its ground clearance became larger. But from now on there is no more front axle: the front suspension is independent on the double wishbones. Accordingly, and from the archaic steering it was possible to refuse in favor of the steering rack with an electromechanical amplifier. The suspension of the suspension was handled by AMG specialists. This suggests that in the Mercedes-Benz still shift the emphasis toward improving controllability on the hard surface. This is not surprising, most of the sales come from powerful versions, including options from Mercedes-AMG, which, if they see serious off-road, then only in specially prepared amusement parks.

Of the technical details so far only know that the SUV will receive a 9-speed automatic transmission AMG Speedshift.