During the ten years of its existence the Koenigsegg company has built a hundred cars, but each of them is a little work of art. Hundredth car manufacturer became supercar Agera S, which was named Hundra, translated from Swedish as “one hundred”.
Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra constructed in one piece and is already sold to an unidentified collector, presumably, from Hong Kong. This is indirectly confirmed by the steering wheel mounted on the right side.
A key feature of special versionĀ Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra, apart from unpainted carbon fiber body is trim some elements of the vehicle in 24-carat gold. The precious metal is supported on the rear wing, the outlet and even a spring in the suspension.
The movement of the supercar brings a 5.0-liter V8 twin-turbo, 030 hp develops 1 and peak torque of 1100 Nm. With it the car is gaining a hundred places at 2.8 seconds, and up to two hundred accelerates in 7.8 seconds. The maximum speed is not specified.
Price Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra equals 1.6 million dollars.

foto-agera-s-hundra_03 foto-agera-s-hundra_02 foto-agera-s-hundra_01