New British carmaker Eterniti Motors presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show SUV Hemera, which proved to be a modified version of the new Porsche Cayenne 958. From the latest new product uses a chassis and engine, but the body panels are new, and they are made ​​of carbon fiber. Under the hood Eterniti Hemera is a 4.8-liter V8 engine with twin-turbo, issuing 629 “horses” against 500 in the standard version of the Cayenne. On how the company raised the engine power is not specified. We presented at the exhibition the machine tightly toned glass and the doors do not open. To the British Motor Show did not have time to finish the interior of the SUV, which promise to make a model of luxury. Issue new items scheduled to begin next year, and the price of Eterniti Motors Hemera will start from 150,000 pounds. As stated in the company, they are ready to take up the completion of virtually any vehicle on the individual order, so that a full-fledged company called newfound automaker fail.

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