Electrical concept WEY-X with holographic assistant

Chinese company WEY, owned by the Great Wall, will bring to the Beijing Motor Show 2018 an electric concentrate called WEY-X, the key feature of which is a holographic virtual assistant. The latter is made in the form of a hotel employee, capable of answering the questions of the driver and passengers, as well as performing the simplest tasks related to the individual functions of the car. For example, adjust the volume of music or turn on/off the light. The camera and heartbeat sensor installed in the cabin is able to monitor the physical state of the driver in real time, plus biometric sensors, high-speed network connection, and a data exchange system with other vehicles and infrastructure objects in the model’s equipment list. Traditional keys in the prototype are not provided, therefore, to open the doors and start the car, the company’s specialists used face detection, which, recognizing the driver, automatically loads its favorite settings (for example, the optimal position of the chair and installation of the audio system).

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