Chicago Auto Show 2014 South Korean automaker introduced the serial electric KIA Soul EV, which was the first model in the line of the electric company. For food meets a set of lithium-ion batteries located under the floor, capacity 27 kilowatt-hours.
All this allows the KIA Soul EV dial 100 km/h place in about twelve seconds, and top speed is 144 kilometers per hour. Depending on traffic, power reserve when fully charged batteries varies from 130 to 160 km. Special station 50 kW afford to fill 80 percent of battery capacity in 33 minutes.
The equipment comprises an electric vehicle tires with reduced rolling resistance and sound system simulating engine when driving at low speeds, including reverse.
In addition, the standard equipment KIA Soul EV includes electric windows and seats, navigation, rearview camera, Bluetooth, as well as cruise and climate control. The latter can be programmed to cool the air conditioner is on and the interior to the desired temperature, while the machine is on charge. Sales of Kia Soul EV will begin in the third quarter of 2014, and the first to receive new product dealers from the United States, where most of the infrastructure for electric vehicles. It Califon, Oregon, New York, New Jersey and Maryland. The price model is not yet known.